Behind the Brand


Palis Decor is a luxury decor brand with products that showcase ultimate quality, timelessness and class with an extensive choice of variants for every design. We are a powerhouse of superior craftsmanship and stellar designs curated in-house. Our affordably priced products resonate with our mission to seek customer satisfaction and aesthetically enhance every location around you.


At Palis Decor, we strive to design distinct decor products that can aesthetically elevate your home, office or garden. We add our thoughts to every trivial aspect of our curation and production to garner customer satisfaction at the highest levels.

Our Inception

Palis Decor was established in 2015 in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, India. After dealing with the supply of fibre for major government projects for about 20 years, the fascination towards curation of authentic, high quality decor products leveraging fibre gave rise to the establishment of Palis Decor. The brand has grown to achieve success in the wholesale and offline space before venturing into the Digital world in 2020. We operate extensively from our Bangalore office while our roots, designers and production still hold base in the city of Meerut.


We design our products keeping them very close to our hearts and we are certain they are a true reflection of our superior standards, unconventional thoughts and artistic mindset. We vow to keep you and your location dazzling and cheerful. Explore our Collection(SubLink) to find some unique designs that will blow away your mind for sure. Happy Decorating!