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Product Details :

Height  :  22 inch / 55.8 cm

Length  :  16 inch / 40.6 cm

Breadth : 12 inch / 30.4 cm


1.Sculpture Occupying Real Space:

This emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of sculpture. Unlike two-dimensional art forms like paintings, sculptures exist in physical space and can be experienced from various angles. Viewers can walk around them, gaining different perspectives and engaging with them in a more interactive way.

2. Relating to Sculpture as Another Person or Object:

This suggests a personal and interactive relationship between the viewer and the sculpture. The viewer's experience is not static; it changes as they move around the sculpture, similar to how one might interact with another person or object in the physical world.

3.Considering Space as a Material:

Treating space as a material is a conceptual shift. In traditional terms, artists often focus on the materiality of the sculpture itself (e.g., stone, metal, wood). Considering space as a material implies that the voids, gaps, and volumes between and around the sculptural elements are actively shaped and manipulated to contribute to the overall artistic expression.

4.Articulation of Space Taking Precedence:

This indicates a prioritization of how the sculpture defines and shapes the surrounding space. The negative space (the voids) and positive space (the sculptural forms) are given equal importance or even more importance than the physical material of the sculpture itself.

5.Using Sculptural Form to Make Space Distinct:

This underscores the idea that the form and arrangement of the sculptural elements are not just about the objects themselves but are instrumental in defining and delineating the space they inhabit. The artist is actively shaping the viewer's experience of space through the manipulation of sculptural forms.


  • Aesthetic Enhancement
  • Cultural and Artistic Expression
  • Cultural and Historical Representation
  • Garden Decoration
  • Artistic Appreciation